Asteroid Information Links

The Minor Planet Center
The Minor Planet Center, in association with the International Astronomical Union, is the main data center for minor planet observations and is the place where information about new discoveries is usually sent.
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
This is the organization that issues bulletins about new astronomical discoveries and they also post requests for further observations of new or known objects.
Asteroids named with a Canadian connection
The RASC maintains this database of information about names of asteroids that have a Canadian connection. The details provided go beyond what is given in the official citation by the IAU.
The ALPO Minor Planet Section
The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observer's is a renowned organization that specializes in the observation of solar system objects. Founded in the early twentieth century, the ALPO accepts observations from all over the world.
Asteroids and Remote Planets Section of the BAA
The British Astronomical Association has been collecting data from skilled backyard astronomers for many years and this is just one of their many observing sections. It features information about near-earth objects and asteroids at opposition. They also provide a list of asteroids that need observations.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Asteroid Page
This site contains good basic information about asteroids and an overview of the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission. It also contain links to movies and animations as well as to other informative asteroid sites.
Solar Views
This site has good photos and information about crater impact structures that have been identified on the earth. It covers impacts that have occurred in many parts of the world, including Canada.
This is a colorful site suitable for young people or adults. It has nice graphics and good information. The asteroid page is just one of many featured astronomical categories that you can enjoy.
Astronomy Notes
Astronomy Notes is a good asteroid information website and features some good images and a graphic of the asteroid population. The site also contains information about other astronomical categories.
NSSDC Image Catalogue
This site contains a large collection of asteroid images both low and high resolution. It is a NASA website.
Lunar and Planetary Institute Resources
This site has brief descriptions, and small image samples of an impact structure slide set that is available and it includes some good information about asteroids and terrestrial impacts.
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Site
This site contains detailed information about the NEAR mission, as well as several related links.
The Uppsala Observatory
This site has information about asteroid shapes, photometry, rotation periods and astrometry. It also contains information about the Trojan asteroids.
European Asteroid Research Node
The programs include asteroid surveys and near-earth objects. The site also contains other asteroid resources.
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