Astronomy in Canada

Information about astronomical activity, observing, and places in Canada: asteroids, comets, meteorites, observatories, science museums, and planetaria.

Speaker Directory

The purpose of the Speaker’s Directory is to allow event planners and coordinators to source enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivated speakers who can offer their talents and services to help share astronomy with the public.


The goal of the Education & Public Outreach Committee is to help parents, teachers, students, and all Canadians learn more about astronomy.

Light Pollution Abatement

The goal of the RASC Light-Pollution Abatement (LPA) Program is to reduce the levels of light pollution in urban and rural areas by advising Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and departments along with business and concerned citizens to take action to reduce unnecessary glare, uplight and light trespass.


The RASC maintains an extensive non-circulating archive of materials in Toronto, some of which is available online here: Canadian Astronomy Archive, Encyclopedia Uranica, GA History, Logbooks, National Archives, and Our Printed History. The RASC also maintains a rare book collection, meteorite collection, and collections of Canadian-themed numismatic and philatelic materials.

Public Speaker Program

The goal of the Public Speaker Program (PSP) is to encourage our Centres to organize and host public talks and presentations, by speakers from outside their local area, about astronomical and related topics. The Society recognizes the value of sharing the knowledge and experience of RASC members and others more widely than may be otherwise possible, by providing funding to help pay for a speaker’s travel and accommodation expenses.

Special Projects Program

The goal of the program is to make Society funds available for projects that further the RASC mandate, carried out by individual members or groups of members. Such projects may include but are not restricted to: research projects (not connected with any academic institution), brochures or handouts, booklets, display materials, web sites, workshops, classes, school visits, special lectures, GA travel for members who have had a paper accepted for presentation, support such as materials or field trips for elementary or secondary school students.

Public Lectures

Ever since its inception in 1868, the RASC has been helping to bring the world of astronomy to interested Canadians through public lectures and talks. The RASC funds two major annual and bi-annual lectures. These presentations are specially commissioned and aimed at persons who are interested in science and astronomy, and provide a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of astronomical research "live," as invited speakers take you behind the scenes of their research and share their latest discoveries.

Local Programs

In addition to the programs sponsored by the Society there are many local programs that are offered and managed by member Centres of the Society.

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