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National Treasurer Resigns

The Executive Committee regrets to announce the resignation of our National Treasurer, Alan Whitman. On Tuesday, 2007 November 20, Alan submitted his resignation as Treasurer of the Society, effective immediately. His resignation was sent to members of the Executive, Board Pilot, and Finance Committees, with the request that his reason for resigning be kept confidential and within the three aforementioned groups. We will respect his request.

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NC075 Minutes now on-line

Go to this site for either a PDF or MS Word document of yesterday's meeting minutes. www.rasc.ca/private/minutes/index.shtml. Remember that these are the unofficial version, having yet to receive acceptance by motion of National Council.

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Free IAU Journal available on-line

Check out the CAP Journal -  leading up to the International Year of Astronomy IYA 2009 www.capjournal.org Thanks to Peter Broughton for bringing this to our attention!

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October 2007 Journal Now On-line

Inside the October 2007 Journal

  • Editorial by Jay Anderson
  • A scientific treatise from Jeremy Tatum,

"Calculation of the Atmospheric Trajectory of a Meteor from Photographic Observations"

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2006 October Journal now online

October 2006 Journal The 2006 October Journal is now online. Go to http://www.rasc.ca/currentjrasc/. The username and password are the same as before; see the broadcast email to members.

CONTENTS - Table des matières


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RASC Constitution Committee Recruiting for 2011/2012

The national constitution committee is seeking dedicated, detail-oriented RASCals to help draft new Articles of Incorporation for the RASC, in time for the 2012 Edmonton GA and annual meeting.

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IDA Award given to Jennifer West

Today, the International Dark-Sky Association announce the 2011 award winners. Jennifer West of Winnipeg Centre was one of the awardees in the category "Student Award" under the Dark-Sky Defender banner. Go here for more information: darksky.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=443

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August Journal now on-line

The on-line version (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the August 2009 issue of the RASC Journal is now available in full-colour, high-resolution format (5.4 MB), plus a low-resolution version (2.5 MB) for those members on dial-up service.

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April 2009 Journal On-line

The on-line version (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the April 2009 issue of the RASC Journal is now available in full-colour, high-resolution format (6.5 MB), plus a low-resolution version (2.9 MB). Look, too, for the hidden "Easter Eggs" - URLs in some not-so-obvious places.

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National Office Moves!

By now, most RASC members know we have leased new space in an office building a few blocks west of our old place. Monday and Tuesday next week, March 9 and 10, are moving days. The phones will be disconnected for part or all of that time, so be patient and hold your calls for a while.

Later in the week, most things will be up and running at our new digs. Give the staff a chance to get their feet under the desks and relax their frazzled nerves before you call.

Please take note of the new address:

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