The 2010 GA Organizing Committee from the New Brunswick Centre would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the GA and festivities. The tours had positive feedback and speakers provided a wealth of information.

Special thanks to the University of New Brunswick who assisted with the planning and execution of the event as well as opening their doors to both the William Brydone Jack Observatory and special collection of artifacts not even available for viewing to the general public. Holly Ayles (Youth RASC member) assisted Dr Edwards as well as RASC NB member Don Kelly with each of their extensive knowledge of the events and history of the Observatory and William Brydone Jack (for which we also celebrated the naming of an asteroid during our event -

Guest lunch speaker, David Levy, inspired those in attendance to strive not only to accomplish goals, but also to set a life long objectives. Some objectives may seem impossible to achieve in a life time, such as discovering a comet ( Greatest successes come out of goals which are seemingly destined for failure... even when your comet 'smacks into the face of Jupiter' (

The Gala dinner guests were treated animated presentation by speaker Roy Bishop's (presentation by speaker Roy Bishop's (also known as "The Prince of Tides") regarding the reason behind "The Tides of Fundy". Roy helped all in attendance better understand the nature of the tides in the Fundy region and debunk some of the myths. This presentation tied in nicely with one of the GA tours, which was a visit to the bay of Fundy - home of the world's largest tides.

The week was filled with a friendly Maritime welcome & hospitality. The presentations were informative, the speakers stimulating and the hospitality suite relaxing as well as fun. The week event ended with a heartfelt close to the GA dinner, followed by some heartfelt goodbyes. The 2010GA planning committee hope all remember the GA as one of bringing people together as a family in true Maritime spirit and hospitality.

The Winnipeg Centre presented an entertaining and enticing welcome to the 2011 GA. Everyone is encouraged to represent their Centre and support National with sharing of ideas - many great ideas can be initiated like minded individuals get together. The GA provides an opportunity to talk to other members and share best practices. RASC Executive are the same as you and ... individuals wanting to make a difference for the Society and the sharing the Science of Astronomy with the public. When and where else can you sit with any of the Executive or Committee Chairs and have informal discussions and exchange of ideas! Show your Centre and RASC spirit... see you at the 2011GA in "Winterpeg... save me some train tickets!!!" (no snow please)

The GA is not possible without the support of our members and sponsors. Thanks to all the sponsors of the 2010GA and additional news will follow in the next couple of months regarding what was inspired at the 2010GA.

Thank-you and clear skies to all!

eNews date: 
Friday, July 30, 2010