This quote from Alden Foraie, Regina Centre President, says it all...

I returned today from spending the weekend with Norm Leier at Cypress Hills giving Melody Nagel-Hisey's staff a crash course in astronomy.

We arrived to find they didn't know an eyepiece from a finderscope and constellation knowledge was the big dipper and not much more. By the time we left everyone was able to dismantle the scope, knew all the parts and could even collimate the 10-inch dob. We even showed them how to take it apart and clean the mirror (using my crude encrusted scope) By evenings end Saturday those that were able to participate in observing (Friday was solid cloud) could find the Ring Nebula, Hercules cluster, M81/M82, Jupiter, Saturn and a few more. It was A LOT of information to absorb in a few hours.

I think the equipment selection was pretty good. The Skywatcher dob handles really nice and it looks sharp as well. The 26-mm 2-inch eyepiece and the 2-inch Televue big barlow will no doubt be the workhorses. The binoculars and stand work really slick. The view of Saturn plus all of the Beehive Cluster in the same field of view was my observing highlight of the weekend. For public observing I think this stuff will work great.

I knew Cypress Hills was a special place before and now knowing I've been able to participate in something that will lead to spreading the enjoyment of the stars to what I know over time will be thousands of people is a pretty good feeling to put it mildly.

Alden Foraie

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Monday, May 15, 2006