Here's how it came to be, in the words of Regina Centre President, Alden Foraie:

When discussing how to kick off the fall observing season combined with a public-observing session, Regina Centre Secretary, Shane Ludtke, mentioned that the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) was having its season-opening concert in a few weeks with a show entitled “Out Of This World” that would end with Holst’s symphony, The Planets.

We contacted the RSO to see if they would mind if we set up some telescopes outside the concert hall. They responded saying they thought it was a wonderful idea. So, on the evening of September 20, we ended up with five telescopes set up on the 2nd-floor balcony for guests of the after-concert reception to enjoy, as well as two more telescopes on the west side of the building, from where Jupiter could be seen.

Feedback from concert patrons and the RSO staff was wonderful, and I’m told the guests at the after-show reception were talking about the incredible views of the Moon they all had.

Although some low clouds had us initially nervous prior to the concert ending, they soon dissipated, providing everyone with a nice clear view of the night sky and the Moon.

The RSO was very appreciative of our offer, and we hope to work with them again for future events.

Participants were: Bob Brann, Shawn Drew, Alden Foriae, Ron Haughey, Ken Luciak, Len McDonald, Paul Meyer, and Ross Parker.

eNews date: 
Thursday, September 25, 2008