At the National Council meeting held in Calgary, AB on June 28th, seven members of the Society were elected to the Board Pilot Committee. These members will join the National Executive in setting strategic direction and priorities for the Society for a one-year trial period beginning June 29, 2007.

Here is the list of the new appointees to the committee:

  • Randy Attwood (Mississauga)
  • Brian Battersby (Prince George)
  • Debra Ceravolo (Ottawa)
  • Paul Gray (New Brunswick)
  • Denis Grey (Toronto)
  • Kim Hay (Kingston)
  • Patrice Scattolin (Centre francophone de Montreal)

Ron Jerome (Vancouver) and Charlene Schiffer (Thunder Bay) were the alternates selected in the election process. Executive Secretary Bonnie Bird will serve in an ex-officio capacity on the committee.

For more details on the Board Pilot Committee itself you can refer to the Terms of Reference document approved by National Council on June 2nd. For more information on the candidates you can refer to the Candidate Statements presented to National Council.

The Society expresses its appreciation to all members who stood for election to the BPC and wishes them success in their work over the next year.

eNews date: 
Friday, June 29, 2007