The Information Technology Committee is pleased to announce that the RASC is now running on a new and improved server infrastructure which is supporting the website, our email domain and mailing lists. The new server boasts improved processing, speed and memory and also includes the ability for the Society to mirror our operational server and create test environments for development.

Many thanks to Past President Dave Lane for spearheading the acquisition and installation of the new server along witih Craig Levine's support as the Server Steward.

Our earlier server managed to last for a full 5+ years which is the paleolithic era in computer years.

This is also a good opporunity to again express our thanks to the Department of Astronomy at St. Mary's University for their on-going provision of bandwidth, power and rack space for our equipment which allows us to host our services in such an effective manner.

eNews date: 
Thursday, January 17, 2013