The 2008 Society budget forecast was approved this past weekend by the Society's National Council. The budget was prepared by the Society's Finance Committee, National Office staff, with input from various committees. It was then reviewed and recommended for approval by the Board Pilot Committee.

Some highlights:

On the revenue side, we will realize a small increase in fees from a $4 fee increase also approved at the same meeting, however we expect a large decrease in publications revenue as compared to the 2007 budget (2007 actual figures are not in yet), due mainly to the decrease in the value of the US dollar (most of our Handbook sales are non-Canadian and priced in US dollars).

On the expenditures side, we will continue to invest in modernizing the software used at the National Office, we will be reinstating the Speaker Travel Assistance Program (STAP) for Centres, and we have committed $20,000 for projects related to the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. The funding for the later will come from a large bequest donated to the Society by the late Dr. Feibelman.

For full details, see the minutes and reports for the 2007 November 24 meeting, which are located in the Members'-Only section of the Web site.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007