Roland Deschene with support from MAP, Education, Outreach, National Executive Director Deborah, as well as our new President Mary Lou have collaborated on outreach pamphlets for the lunar event.

In the final edits for our first Lunar International event are near completion. This is an initial project and the documents will continue to develop over time with feedback from other Centres and based on feedback from our outreach events.

Please plan with your Centres and local media and social networking (i.e. twitter, facebook, kijiji, etc) to promote your activities. Previously we published a generic announcement which you can re-purpose for this and other events as well.

In the upcoming weeks we will provide the link to the materials for download and printing locally.

Thank-you for support of this event and best of luck to those working on their Isabel K. Williamson Lunar Observing Certificate

Below is a link for more information regarding the International event:


Due to a miscommunication, the link published in the September 2010 RASC Bulletin was initially directed to an incorrect file. This error has been corrected and you can now access the following 3 new brochure files:

Understanding and Observing The Moon, its Origin and Geology
Understanding and Observing The Moon, its Phases and Eclipses
Observing and understanding lunar eclipses (updated for the Dec. 2010 total lunar eclipse)

eNews date: 
Friday, September 10, 2010