The University of Calgary invites interested RASC members to participate in the upcoming meteorite recovery effort near Lone Rock, Saskatchewan. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to mapping the strewn field of what we expect will be Canada’s largest recorded meteorite fall. While any recovered meteorites will remain the property of the landowner or the University of Calgary, search volunteers may suggest institutions for potential donations.

Logistical details for search volunteers will be communicated as they become available. Unfortunately there will probably be no funding available to cover volunteers’ expenses. A rustic camping option may be available in the strewn field, and we are exploring getting one of the nearby commercial campgrounds opened early.

When: Beginning April/09 (weather-depending), ending May/June/09

Needed: Volunteers to search the strewn field (will be organized in search teams of ~6)

If several people from your Centre are interested, please choose just one to be the “coordinator” for contact. As details for the search are developed, people on the list will be emailed.

To be added to our Volunteer Email list, please contact: Lynne Maillet at

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Monday, March 23, 2009