Light Pollution Abatement Committee (LPAC) Chair Rob Dick was honored to have the LPAC committee approve unanimously the Dark Sky Preserve (DSP) designation for Kejimkujik National Park in southern Nova Scotia.

Link to the CBC announcement and reader discussions.

At the recent 2010 GA Chris Weadick (Acting LPAC Chair) presented Quinn Smith and Dave Chapman with the official certificates for the DSP. Motion was put forth at National Council meeting #1 and was approved by Council with 10-15minutes of supportive discussions regarding DSPs in Canada as well as LPAC's focus on flora/fauna in addition to light fixtures.

If you have any questions regarding the certification of parks in your area please contact your local LPAC member or Rob directly. National Parks and most Provincial parks have a mandate to 'bring nature back to the parks' from efforts we all promoted in 2009 (and beyond!).

Congratulations to Halifax centre and thank-you to Quinn and Dave for all their efforts and support to complete the tasks and assist local/park representatives.

eNews date: 
Thursday, July 8, 2010