RASC members... Ever wondered how you can get more out of the Society? Have you considered supporting one of the many committees that help keep our Society operational, refreshing, and sustainable?

We are successful because of our membership and our volunteers. Volunteers help keep our Society engaged with our communities and our Centres to ensure collaborative growth, stimulate interest in the hobby, and promote the science of astronomy.

Please visit www.rasc.ca/committees to see some of the committee groups you can assist. Contact your local Centre Executive as well to see how you can help promote astronomy locally... there are lots of lonely telescopes in closets and basements... don't keep the skies to yourself... share them with neighbours, friends, clubs, and yes... even sidewalk astrobusking with strangers... it is our universe to share... be part of it!

Not sure how you can help? Many of the committees just need ideas or to share a view point...even take Taurus by the horns and inspire and enable change. It is your Society — help to keep it thriving, interesting, and engaged!

eNews date: 
Friday, July 30, 2010