At the 2014 January 12 Society Board of Directors meeting, MOTION BOD14105 was Carried, which accepted the 2014 Awards Committee report. In the report, the Awards Committee recommended that the Board approve the following awards for presentation in 2014:

Service Award

1.    Jay Anderson, Winnipeg

2.    Susan Gagnon, Kingston

3.    Dave Gamble, Okanagan

4.    Dr. James Hesser, Victoria

5.    Greg Lisk, Belleville

6.    Chris Stevenson, St. John’s

7.    Mary Lou Whitehorne, Halifax


Fellow Award

1.    Dr. James Hesser, Victoria


Chilton Prize

1.    Kathryn Gray, Halifax

2.    Nathan Gray, Halifax


Qilak Award

1.    Dr. Howard Trottier, Vancouver


Please join with me in congratulating these most deserving members of our Society!

For more information on each award, see

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014