Negative Search Results

Most of the Negative Search Report Forms were destroyed about 1978. There was a massive amount of them, and taking considerable storage space. I felt the scientific value had long since past: the last ones from the late 1960s. They were of value only if something was discovered later, and we could look back and verify "not visible then."

Some completed negative search report forms from 1967 and 1968 were never properly filed with the earlier reports, and were not thrown out in the cleanup done about 1978. Some [103] are reproduced here. I have copied all of the available reports made by David Levy and Hugh Maclean that were found. I have made one copy of reports for each other individual found.

—Jim Low, 2004 April 3.

Filename information:
The first four digits give the year and month (YYMM) followed by "00", observer name, and area number.

COMET and NOVA Section
of the Standing Committee on Observational Activities
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Datesort ascending Centre Observer Object Description
670300 Montréal Levy 438 Negative Search Form: 4 nights reported
670300 Montréal Levy Dome Negative Search Form: 5 nights reported
670300 Montréal Levy Sun Vicinity Negative Search Form: 3 nights reported
670300 Montréal Levy None Comet Search, 5 nights (10h 26m)
670300 Montréal Levy None Naked eye comet hunt near horizon
670300 Montréal Williamson 082 Comet and nova search, 12 nights
670200 Montréal Levy None Comet Search, 11 nights (11h 26m)
670100 Montréal Levy None Comet search, 5 nights (3h 53m)
660400 Montréal Levy 428 Negative Search Form: 4 nights reported


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