The transfer of Dr. Daniel Brand Marsh's Artifacts to the RASC Hamilton Centre, on 1981 May 13th (mosaic constructed electronically from scans of two pages of the Lang album).

Page two of the transfer agreement is legible in the original scan and enumerates the following items:

2. one clock-driven mount for the five-inch telescope: this mount, in spite of the size and weight, travelled from parish to parish with D.B. Marsh and also to the 1905, 1921, 1923, 1926, and 1932 total solar eclipses.

3. one box containing five eyepieces

4. one pocket-size barometer made by D.B. Marsh

5. one key wound pocket time and stop watch made by D.B. Marsh

6. one astrolabe made by D.B. Marsh

7. one frame containing five prize pictures of the 1932 solar eclipse expedition at Actonvale, Quebec...


Marsh Transfer 1981