GA 1978

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May 19 - 22

  • Article on the Edmonton GA, Sky & Telescope, August 1978
  • Papers:
    1. Observing Dwarf Cepheids for Fun and Profit, Percy et al
    2. From Hess to HEAO: The History of High-Energy Astronomy, Peter Jedicke (London)
    3. Amateur-Built Multi-Mirror Telescope, Lary Coldwell
    4. A Titillating Testing Technique or Milliès-Lacroix Mirror Marvel, Peter J. Edwards (Halifax)
    5. Qualitative Polar Alignment of an Astronomical Telescope, Doug Beck (Saskatoon)
    6. A Guide to Guiding, Jack Newton (Toronto)
    7. Scientific Models, M. Holmes (Hamilton)
    8. The Moon and Fundy, Roy L. Bishop (Halifax)
    9. The Canadian Solar Eclipse Expedition to Labrador, 1905, Mary Grey (Ottawa)
    10. Design for a Narrow-band Solar Telescope, J.D. Jones
    11. Performing C.P.R. on/for the Local Astronomy Club, D.H. Fallows (Unattached)
    12. Community Astronomy: A Public Astronomy Programme for B.C., Ken Hewitt-White (Vancouver)
    13. The Mobile Planetarium of the Province of Alberta, Musgrove et al
    14. The Discovery of Comet Meier (1978f), Rolf Meier (Ottawa)
    15. Eye Injuries and the Solar Eclipse, B. Ralph Chou (Toronto)

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