GA 1966

1966 - Winnipeg

May 20-22


  1. Old Astronomical Instruments, Dr. J.N.R. Scatliff (Winnipeg)
  2. Noctilucent Clouds, Dr. B.W. Currie (Saskatoon)
  3. Design and Construction of a 10cm Solar Patrol radio Telescope and Radiometer, W.G.A. Kennedy (Ottawa)
  4. Beta Cephei Stars, J.R. Percy (Toronto)
  5. A Gerrisch Polar Axis Refractor, R.R. Thompson (Toronto)
  6. High Altitude Balloon Experiments to Study Oxygen in a Planetary Atmosphere, Evans et al (Saskatoon)
  7. The West Hawk Lake Crater, Halliday et al (Ottawa)
  8. Early Accomplishments of Amateur Astronomers in Canada, Ruth J. Northcott (Toronto)
  9. A New Approach to Astrometry in Canada, Dr. Elmar B. Brosterhus (Ottawa)
  10. Recent Changes in the Rate of Rotation of the Earth, R.W. Tanner (Ottawa)

Documents and Images for This GA