David H. Levy Logbooks






This is a novel project for the institutions involved, although astronomical archives of one sort or another have been available in electronic form for some time (http://dc.zah.uni-heidelberg.de/lswscans/res/positions/fullplates/form). The David Levy Logbooks are an evolving project, a "living archive" as it were, for the accumulation of records from Jarnac is ongoing, the older logbooks are still regularly consulted and used by David in his work, and this website itself will be periodically added to, upgraded, and renewed. As well it marks our participation in the healthy trend towards the open availability of the sources for doing science, which has marked some of the best initiatives of the AAVSO, Zooniverse, and some ESA and NASA missions.

It is also intended to model one solution to ensuring the longevity and availability of amateur observational archives, an important resource which is under threat (see Preserving the Past: Averting the crisis in Amateur Astronomical History and Heritage on this page). In concert with Dr. Levy we welcome you to the David Levy Logbooks, and invite you to explore this resource.


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