Comet Burnham, photographed by H.N.A. Maclean (Niagara) on 1960 May 2 (22:33-22:38 EST) with an 8 f/8 reflector, 250x.

This image is from the RASC Comet and Nova Section Archive. [View Source]

|WMacDonald|2012-02-03 12:36:20 -0400 Comet Ikeya-Seki||Comet Ikeya-Seki|Comet Ikeya-Seki|1960, comet, William Jenkins, 1960s|

Comet Ikeya-Seki rising in the morning sky on 1965 November 4 around 4:30 a.m. (haze is obscuring the comet's head). 10-minute exposure on Tri-X film. Photo by Bill Jenkins.

This photo is from the RASC Comet and Nova Section Archive. [View Source]

|WMacDonald|2012-02-03 12:54:35 -0400 Helm Fund Presentation||Helm Fund Presentation|Helm Fund Presentation|1962, DDO, jekennedy, John Heard, Ruth Northcott, 1960s|

J.E. Kennedy watches as RASC President Ruth Northcott presents
the first cheque from the Walter Helm Endowment Fund
to DDO DirectorJ.F. Heard, July 11, 1962.

(This photo appeared in Looking Up, p.79.)

|WMacDonald|2012-03-25 11:20:08 -0400 Millman, Northcott, and Jorgenson||Millman, Northcott, and Jorgenson|Millman, Northcott, and Jorgenson|Peter Millman, Ruth Northcott, 1960s|

P.M. Millman, R.J. Northcott, and the Hon. R.D. Jorgenson.

|WMacDonald|2012-03-25 12:22:46 -0400 Kennedy and Roper||Kennedy and Roper|Kennedy and Roper|jekennedy, 1960s|

J.E. Kennedy and E.E. Roper (Mayor of Edmonton) on 1962 May 18.

This photo appeared in JRASC with the following caption:

His Worship the Mayor of Edmonton, Dr. E.E. Roper, receives his membership card and lapel pin from the National Secretary, Mr. J.E. Kennedy.

|WMacDonald|2012-03-25 12:39:31 -0400 Castlefield Observatory Sketch||Castlefield Observatory Sketch|Castlefield Observatory Sketch|Bert Topham, Castlefield Observatory, Eugene Fedorenko, observatory, sketch, 1960s|

Bert Topham's Castlefield Observatory in Toronto, at the end of its life.

Sketch by Eugene Fedorenko (Toronto Centre).

Photos of this observatory from the RASC Archives.

A short bio on Bert Topham (1893-1962) appears on page 148 of Looking Up.

Note from Geoff Gaherty:

When I joined the Montreal Centre in 1957, they had only a few months before they purchased Bert Topham's 165mm (6.5) f/15 refractor, equatorial mount, and motor drive, and mounted it in what was to become the Isabel Williamson observatory. I had the use of that fine telescope on many occasions, until vandals broke into the dome and stole the objective.

Here's a picture of the Topham refractor in its new home in Montreal, taken sometime in mid-1957: George Wedge is at the eyepiece, and the crowd includes Isabel Williamson, Harper Hall, Frank DeKinder, Ted Morris (solver of Messier mysteries), C.L. Drolet-Bridgen, Don Frappier, and Charles Good.

Comet Burnham