This portrait of C.A. Chant by Richards is on display at the society's national office. (See the back of the portrait here.)

The portrait bears the following inscription on the back of the canvas, "Dr. Chant"/ by Phyllis H. Richards, A.O.C.A./ 1960/Presented to the R.A.S.C./by/Carl Reinhardt. It also bears a photocopied page taped to the back, with details of the portraits' presentation drawn from the minutes of the RASC National Council for 1960 October 3 (p.1):

Portrait of Dr. C.A. Chant: Prior to the formal call to order, a brief ceremony was held in the entry hall of the Society’s National Office at which a portrait of the late Professor Clarence Augustus Chant, executed in oils by Mrs. Phyllis Richards, was unveiled by Mr. Carl Reinhardt and presented by him to the Society. In accepting this fine gift from Mr. Reinhardt and his niece, the artist, President Millman said:

“There are certain individuals who, by their devoted activity over many ears, render such outstanding service to an organization that the value of this service is difficult to express in words. I think it is quite safe to say that, as far as The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is concerned, no one has done more to promote its aims and objectives than the late Clarence Augustus Chant.

As one of the founders and charter members, then as President and, finally, for fifty years as Editor of the Society’s publications, Dr. Chant worked with untiring zeal.

I am very happy on this occasion to accept, on behalf of the Society, a gift which will help us to remember Dr. Chant as he was, a kindly mentor to all astronomers whether young or old.

In accepting this fine painting, I should also like to express the sincere thanks of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada to our good friend, Mr. Carl Reinhardt and to his niece, Mrs. C. Richards, for all they have done to make possible this timely memorial to our late Editor and Past President".

The Society's office mentioned in the text was located at that time at 252 College Street, Toronto.

Carl Reinhardt was among our more colourful members.

Regarding Peter M. Millman's address, Chant was neither a "Charter member", not strictly speaking a "founder", for he did not join the Society till the end of 1892; the Society's founding  can be taken as either 1868, or 1884 (its revival), and its letters of incorporaiton date from 1890.



Chant Portrait