R.F. Stupart

Director of the Toronto Observatory and Superintendent of the Dominion Meteorological Service, F.R.A.S.C., and president 1902-03.This photo was published in the RASC 1904 Selected Papers and Proceedings.

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George Lumsden 1902

President of the Toronto Astronomical Society 1900-01.This photo was published in the 1902 Transactions.

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Ruth Northcott 1960s

Ruth Northcott in the 1960s. Photo by Doug Hube.

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P. Millman, 1980s

Dr. Peter Millman in the 1980s.

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P. Millman, 1946

Peter M. Millman, RCAF Squadron Leader. 1946 January 9.

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O.C. to HSH 1969

Helen S. Hogg Awarded O.C. by GG Roland Michener 1969

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Dr. R.W. Nicholls

Dr. R.W. Nicholls at the 1959 RASC AGM.

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Dr. Heard

Dr. Heard at the 1959 RASC AGM.

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J.E. Kennedy

Mr. J.E. Kennedy at the 1959 RASC AGM.

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F.S. Hogg

This is none other than Frank Scott Hogg, Ph.D. (Harvard), Professor of Astronomy, etc, etc, and also the husband of Helen Hogg. I am sure you can find an obituary in the Journal [JRASC 45,1]. Frank had a weak heart and died prematurely in 1949, I believe -- otherwise he would have been the third Director of DDO. It is a good picture of him, showing his piercing but firendly eyes.

Photo by R. Northcott, Nov. 1950. Note by D.A. MacRae, 1998.

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