Saturn Sketch

Saturn, from Trouvelot, copied by A.F. Miller.

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Jupiter and Satellites 1868

Jupiter and satellites, 1868. Sketch by Andrew Elvins.

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Mars 1884

Mars in 1884. Sketches by Allan F. Miller. 4-inch Wray Achromat - Power 200 (A.F. Miller's telescope).

Left: Feb 20th - 9h
Right: Mar 3rd - 11h.30m

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Jupiter Sketch 1891


This sketch was made on 1891 September 20 by society member G. E. Lumsden.

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Saturn Sketch 1895


Saturn, as seen in Dr. J.J. Wadsworth’s Reflector, Simcoe Ont. in July 1895.
Drawn by Miss Eva M. Brook. Published in TAPST, 1895.

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