Ken Chilton

The Fixed Stars

The Fixed (?) Stars

At a recent astronomical seminar, I was reminded by a speaker that our term, the “fixed stars” is not really correct. Stars do move across the sky, their motion being a combination of two measurable quantities, "radial velocity”, or motion in the line of sight, and "proper motion", motion across the line of sight. These motions are extremely slow, although they can be measured with accurate astronomical instruments. To the unaided eye, however, the stars appear to be stationary, unless studied over a lengthy period of time.

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Andrew the Android

A science fiction story written by Ken Chilton, date unknown.

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Ken Chilton Logbook

The first variable star observing logbook of Ken Chilton, containing ~2/3 of his lifetime observations. His AAVSO observer code is CKE.

For more on Ken Chilton (1939-76), see Looking Up (p. xiii), as well as the collection of some of his writings on the 1970s page of the Society's digital archives.

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Observing Variable Stars...

Observing Variable Stars With Binoculars, by Ken Chilton.

Published circa 1970.

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