John R. Collins

Photo published in JRASC, 1917.

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John Collins

(1865-1957) A 67-year member of the Society (Toronto); writer of a Toronto Telegram astronomy column (1900-48); Society Secretary (1902-17) and President (1920-21).

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1899 Musson

scope diagram

A sketch of the Collins brothers' "Monoplane Achromatic Telescope", from Musson in Knowledge 1900 November 1, 252 (star on the right added for clarity)



{Achromatism} and other forms of optical instruments

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RASC-AAVSO 1940 #4

Group photo, RASC-AAVSO meeting at DDO, 1940. An Image map with names is available. Frank Hogg appears in both photos!

Report & photo key: JRASC, 34, 224.

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