1950s JRASC

Images from 1950s issues of JRASC.

Meanook-Newbrook #1

Construction of one of the observatories at Meanook and Newbrook.

Further Reading: The Meanook-Newbrook Meteor Observatories, JRASC, Vol.53, p.15 (February 1959).

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Spitz Planetarium

Is this the Spitz planetarium in Hamilton? [JRASC 53,149]

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Meanook 1952

Mounting the camera body at Meanook Meteor Observatory, 1952 [JRASC 53,15].

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Ottawa Meridian Circle

The Ottawa Meridian Circle [JRASC 53,264].

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JRASC 52,255

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JRASC 53,15

The crew which mounted the Super-Schmidt cameras at Meanook and Newbrook. Reading left to right: A.A. Griffin, G.A. Brealey, J.M. Grant, H.E. Cook, J. Pare, A. Page, P.M. Millman. [JRASC 53,15]

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Figure 6

The rear shell in place, showing the film holder mounted at the centre fo the shell. From JRASC, Feb. 1959.

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Figure 5

A completed shell mounted as the front optical element in a Super-Schmidt meteor camera. From JRASC, Feb. 1959.

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Figure 4

Glass blanks for the hemispherical shells seen in the Perkin-Elmer shops after preliminary rough grinding. From JRASC, Feb. 1959.

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Figure 3

Above, Geminid meteor; Below, sporadic meteor; photographed at Meanook (Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, Canada, #5693.

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