Isabel Williamson

Mars 196101050400

Mars on 1961 January 4/5 at 23:00 local time (04:00 UT) as sketched by I.K. Williamson. C.M. 281°. 6" refractor at 220x. Seeing 4. Transparency 3. T = 1°.

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Mars 196101120225

Mars on 1961 January 11/12 at 21:25 EST (02:25 UT) as sketched by I.K. Williamson. C.M. 197°. 6" refractor at 150x. Seeing 3/10. Transparency 3/5. T = 0°.

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Mars 196012080340

Mars on 1960 December 7/8 at 22:40 EST (03:40 UT) as sketched by I.K. Williamson. C.M. 163°. 6 refractor at 150x. Seeing 3. Transparency 3-2. T = 6°.

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19591130 Campbell

1959 Nov 30: Letter from Leon Campbell to I.K. Williamson

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Standing Committee on Observational Activities

               Programme for Observing the
Bulletin No. 1	Total Solar Eclipse of July 20, 1963	January 1963

    Greatly encouraged by the response we have already received to the solar eclipse
circular sent out by R. V. Ramsay, National Chairman of this Committee, we are going
ahead with plans for an observation programme in which all members of the Society
and any other interested persons are invited to take part.

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Wedge and Williamson

George Wedge and Isabel Williamson at 1959 RASC AGM (The Lunar section at Work).

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I.K. Williamson

Miss I.K. Williamson at the 1959 AGM. (Dr. Peter Millman is at left.)

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