Future of the RASC #1

the future of the RASC in the 21st century

Roland Dechesne, President, Calgary Centre
Jim Hesser, Director of the DAO, Single Point of Contact for the Canada Node of Beyond IYA (BIYA), and member of the Victoria Centre
Lauri Roche, 1st Vice President, Victoria Centre
Mary Lou Whitehorne, National President of the RASC, and member of the Halifax Centre

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Future of the RASC #2

GA 2010

Boldly Navigating Where No One Has Gone Before

The Future of the RASC in the 21st Century

—R.A. Rosenfeld

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Gaherty Logbook - 2006

Geoff Gaherty's logbook for 2006/10/30 to 2010/08/19 (1192-1438).

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RASC Executive 2010-11

L to R: Deborah Thompson (Executive Director), Colin Haig, Glenn Hawley, Mary Lou Whitehorne, Meyer Telebon, James Edgar.

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105 Regent St - Back

105 Regent Street, Toronto (rear view) as it appeared in 2010. (See also, front view.)

Bert Topham's first dome, Topham's Top, which he purchased second-hand and trucked across Toronto, was perched above the sunroom (see Scientific American, November 1937).

Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk.

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105 Regent St - Front

105 Regent Street, Toronto as it appeared in 2010.  John Pilkington and Bert Topham built this house.  Bert's first observatory, "Topham's Top," was perched above a sunroom at the rear of this house. Photo courtesy of Lynn Kirk. (See also, rear view.)

Regent Street runs parallel to Keele Street. 105 is on the east side of the street, north of Rogers Road.—WM

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GA Group Photo 2010

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GA 2010 Pyramid

Top: Nathan Gray
2nd row: ?, Kathryn Gray
3rd row: David Lane, ?, ?
4th row: Peter Jensen, ?, ?, Adrien Bordage
Bottom row: Patrick Kelly, David Levy, Dave Gallant, Peter Jedicke, Don Kelly

Left background: Colin Haig
Left buttress: Ron MacNaughton
Right: Paul Gray


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GA Guide 2010

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President's Award Presentation - 2010

Chris Gainor accepts the 2010 President's Award from Dave Lane on behalf of Sid Sidhu of RASC Victoria Centre.

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