Toronto Centre Council 1976-7

Back row, left to right: R.S. McLaughlin (portrait), Michael Watson, Robert Pike, Enid Comars, D.J. FitzGerald, Steven Morris, George Foster, Harlan Creighton, Arthur Pelletier, Ted Howard.

Front row, left to right: President, Jack Newton; 1st VP, Ann Scott; 2nd VP, Dr. Christine Clement; Treasurer, Alf Scott; Recorder, Fred Troyer.

With Regrets: Ralph Chou, Jim Cobban, Helen S. Hogg

Photo by Bill Peters.

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Almanach-Graphique 1976

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Helen Sawyer Hogg Autograph

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Helen Hogg 1976

CFRB 1010 program "LET'S DISCUSS IT"

GUEST: Dr. Helen S. Hogg, Astronomer


  • Gordon Sinclair
  • Torben Wittrup
  • Betty Kennedy

MODERATOR: Arthur Cole

AIRED: 18 JULY, 1976

Will the Viking probe, now preparing to land on Mars, establish the possibility of life on that planet?
Ladies and gentlemen, let's discuss it.

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The Clouds of Mars

by K.E. Chilton

This was written to augment a talk by Robert G. Speck to the Discussion Group of the Hamilton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada on April 22, 1976.


Three main cloud types have been distinguished in the thin, dry, cold Martian atmosphere: white, blue and yellow clouds, so named for the colours which they predominantly reflect.

White Clouds:

White clouds vary considerably in thickness, brilliance and extent. They can be subdivided into three categories:

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GA Group Photo - 1976

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