Oby Survey

Ottawa, Ontario,
February 28th, 1952.

Mr. John Galt,
Secretary, Toronto Centre,
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada,
43 Adelaide street, East,
Toronto, Ontario.

Dear Mr. Galt:
          The enclosed questionnaire on Canadian observatories,
issued at the request of the International Astronomical Union,
is self-explanatory.

             If the Society maintains an observatory or if you know
of any persons who maintain private observatories in the city
of Toronto it would be very much appreciated if you could have
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Meanook 1952

Mounting the camera body at Meanook Meteor Observatory, 1952 [JRASC 53,15].

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Montreal 1952

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Montreal 1952

Star Night at Westmount Park in Montréal on 1952 September 25 with a 6-inch reflector.

No identification. Sent by Louie Bernstein of the RASC Montréal Centre. This photo may have appeared in the Montréal Gazette. Graetz Bros. Ltd. Photographers Prints No. 77123.

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AAVSO 1952

AAVSO meeting group photo at Potsdam, NY in 1952. An image map with names is available.

(The Snap Shop, Potsdam, NY, USA. Original print at DDO. No key.)

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