Touring the Universe

Thursday-Friday, December 28-29,1950

THURSDAY: "Touring the Universe on a Beam of Light" — share in the experiments illustrating size and distance of stars and the speed of light . . . reach out in space with new demonstrations and simple equipment.

FRIDAY: "Riding the Sky with the Sun and the Moon" — recognize your existence as a part of the solar system.

4:00 P.M.
Lecture Hall

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H.R. Kingston Hon Alum

Folder from the appointment of H.R. Kingston as an Honourary Member of the Alumni Association of the University of Western Ontario.  Date unknown.


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Kenneth Wright

(1911-2002) DAO Director (-1976) and Society President (1964-66).

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The Poor Man's Telescope

F.W. Henshaw and F.T. Matthews

A series of articles first appearing in THE MONITOR under the feature column of the Montreal Centre — "Observatory Activities."

Note: The actual year of publication is not known.

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Windsor Presidents

Three successive RASC Windsor Centre presidents (left to right): Cyril Hallam, Dan Bautenheimer, Charlie Bell discuss plans for a meeting in 1950. (Lorne Rogers and Cameron Montrose were also in the original photo.)

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R.E. Williamson

This man, with the Mephistophelian/Orson Wellsian visage, is Ralph E. Williamson, Ph.D. Chicago, a student of Chandrasekhar. Ralph came to UofT/DDO in 1946 or so. He and I had been great friends together at Cornell. At the start of WWII, we found ourselves teaching navigation to US Navy Midshipmen recruits. Then I went to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Ralph stayed on for a bit, working with Charles Seeger onthe Cornell radio astronomy project (now Aricebo) that Charles initiated.

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W. Hossack

This is Wiliam (Bill) Hossack. Bill got a Ph.D. at DDO designing and building an oscilloscopic spectrophotometer for analysing the spectral plates taken with the 74-inch. He went on to take a position with the Department of Defence in Ottawa. On July 10, 1961 he and his wife and small son were returning from Montréal on the infamous old highway between Montreal and Ottawa. Their car collided head on with another and both Bill and his wife were killed, though the boy survived. A real tragedy. Both were accomplished musicians.

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W. Hossack

This may be J. Beverley Oke as a student, before he went to Princeton for his Ph.D., after which he came back to the staff of the Department of Astronomy. He left (1955?) to go to Cal Tech. He lives in Victoria now and if you were to ask him if it is he I am sure he would reply. His address is DAO, etc. A better photocopy of his face would have helped me perhaps.

Photo by R. Northcott, Nov. 1950. Note by D.A. MacRae, 1998.

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