Elvins AutoBiography

Autobiography of Andrew Elvins.  There are three sections in this document:

  1. Autobio dictated by Mr. Elvins to L.H. Graham in 1904.
  2. Autobio dictated by Mr. Elvins to C.A. Chant in 1913 (transcription of #3).
  3. Original Shorthand version of #2.

The text of these autobiographies appear on the two pages following this one.

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Meteor Procession 1913

Several of the colours Chant and his colleagues desired in the reproduction were not best reproduced mechanically through the photo-chemical half-tone process. It was decided to execute the stars in white, white and gold, and the meteors in gold individually by hand for every single copy of the Journal as the penultimate stage in production prior to tipping-in to the binding.

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