Arthur Harvey 1904

This photo was published in the RASC's 1904 Selected Papers and Proceedings.

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George Lumsden 1902

President of the Toronto Astronomical Society 1900-01.This photo was published in the 1902 Transactions.

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Thomas Lindsay

Recording Secretary 1895-1900. His bio appears on page 80 of the 1901 Transactions.

This photo was published in the 1901 Transactions, page 81.

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Larratt Smith 1901

Ex-Vice-Chancellor, University of Toronto and a Past-President of the Toronto Astronomical Society.This photo was published in the 1901 Transactions of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto.

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Solar Eclipse 1900

At the meeting of 1900 June 12, Mr. T. Lindsay presented this photo which was taken by Mr. D.E. Hadden's 8x10 camera. (Mr. Hadden of Alta, Iowa was an associate member of the society.) This photo was published in the Transactions for 1900, page 18.

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Autumn Programme 1909

This is the text of the document. A thumbnail and PDF link appear at the bottom of this page.

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TAS Charter

Charter and by-laws of the Toronto Astronomical Society. Adopted 16th October, 1900.

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