THE CANADIAN ASTRONAUTICAL SOCIETY YOUR REF:                     OUR REF: 3213 DOWNSVIEW ==== ONTARIO CANADADecember 20th. 1960.The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Headquarters, 252 College Street, Toronto, pntario.Attention: Mr. Broadfoct.Dear Mr. Broadfoot, The Canadian Astronautical Society was most pleased at the opportunity of having a joint meeting with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canadain Novemberlast. It was an excellent turn-out and I thought Mr. Rose gave a fine speech. Afterwards, I mentioned to you that we had carried out somework during the early Sputnik days on satellite tracking, both visually and photographically, and I was interested to learn that your Society have an active Moonwatchgroup; which, I understand, is connected with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. The Canadian Astronautical Society had considered forming such a group at one time. We still have an active nucleus of persons interested in this general area and we still receive data on satellite orbits from S.A.O. I believe I mentioned to you that we have written a Report on "A method of estimating the elevation angles and the azimuth angles for viewing a satellite in orbit". I have enclosed a copy for your retention and use. I can get you more copies if you desire.I hope that it will be possible for our two Societies to get together In future on joint ventures, as we have done this Fall.-1-The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 252 College St., Toronto. Attention: Mr, Broadfoot. December 20th. 1960.It is quite likely that a few of our people would be interested in your Moonwatch activities and, if you have any literature on this, we would be pleased to receive it.Yours very truly,P. A. Lapp. PAL:jb Enclosure:-2-  

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