123 Keewatin Avenue,
Toronto 12, Canada,

March 10th, 1930

Dr. A. Vibert Douglas,
Physics Building,
McGill University,
Montreal, P.Q.

Dear Miss Douglas;

In view of the fact that your lecture on "Jeans and Eddington," to be given before the Toronto Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, next week, will probably be of great popular interest, I should like to obtain an advance summary or abstract which could be turned over the the [sic] local press a few days before the lecture, preferably next Saturday.

Increasing public interest in cosmosgony is shown by the large circulation of recent books on the subject, notably Jeans' "Res" and "The Universe Around Us."

If you could arrange to send me an abstract copy, I would thoroughly appreciate your kindness.

Truly yours,

Fred L. Troyer.
(Member, Toronto Council, R.A.S.C.)

McGill University
The Macdonald Physics Laboratory
1930 Mar. 11.

F.L. Troyer, Esq.

Dear Mr Troyer

        Herewith copies of an outline of what I purpose doing on the 18th. I hope this is the sort of thing you wanted.

        I shall bring with me two or three copies of the abstract of my lecture in case the reporters wish for it at the close of the meeting.

Yours sincerely
(signed) A. Vibert Douglas.