Join amateur and professional astronomers for a
week full of outdoor observing and special indoor
astronomy activities. For more information, call
the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's
Toronto Centre Information Line at 777-****.
Ontario Science Centre
Saturday, May 2
11:00 am-5:00 pm
Day-long family activities at the Science Centre will feature
hands-on telescope mirror grinding demonstrations, displays
of astronomical telescopes and books, computers running
astronomy software and, if it's clear, safe solar viewing through
specially-fillered telescopes. Included with admission
STAR NIGHT (Only if Clear)
Saturday, May 2
8:30 pm-11 :00 pm
Join amateur astronomers for an evening of stargazing in the
park at the southwest corner of Don Mills and Eglinton. To
check if it's clear enough to observe, call the RASC Info Line,
777-****, at 7 pm. Free admission and parking.
Coping with light Pollution in Toronto
- a special RASC Members' Night
Friday, May 8
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Learn how amateur and professional astronomers are dealing
with the increasing levels of background skyglow in Toronto.
Topics will include: city observing for beginners-looking for
the objects that are still visible in our urban skies; the growth of
light pollution in the last two decades and how astronomy
groups are trying to stop it; and using advanced technology
such as CCDs and image enhancement to recreatesome of the
views that we've lost. This is a regularly scheduled meeting of
the Toronto Centre of the RASC and is free to the public. It will
take place in the auditorium. Parking and admission to the
Science Centre are free after 5 pm on Friday nights.
How 10 gellhere: The Ontario Science Centre is located on
the west side of Don Mills Road just south of Eglinton Ave.
There is flat-rate parking available and access to all of the
daytime activities on Saturday,May 2 is included with admission.
EGLlNTON EAST34/34B buses run east from Eglinton
station to Don Mills Road and DON MILLS 25/25C buses run
north from Pape Station.
York University
Wednesday, May 6 and Saturday, May 9
8:30 pm-11:00 pm
The Department of Physics and Astronomy at York University has an
observatory on the York campus featuring 12" and 24" reflectors. The
Petrie Observatory will be open this Wednesday and Saturday evening
offering tours, audio-visual presentations and if it's clear,telescope viewing
including the popular Shoot the Moon program.
How to get there: The Petrie Observatory is located on the north side of
the Petrie Sciences building on York campus. The closest street entrance is
North West Gate off Steeles Ave. West (between Jane and Keele). Flat-rate parking is available on lot 5A just off
North West Gate from which it's a short walk to the observatory. STEELESWEST 60/60B buses run west from
Finch station and stop at North West Gate.
University of Toronto
Saturday, May 9th:~ 8:30 pm-11:00 pm ~
The Department of Astronomy at the University
of Toronto has an observatory located on top of Burton Tower on the St. George campus rn
featuring an 8" refractor and a 16" reflector.
The observatory and outdoor observation deck
will be open this evening featuring tours,
demonstrations of astronomical image
processing and, if it's clear, viewing through
the telescopes.
How to get there: Access to the downtown 
observatory is from the 14th floor of the
McLennan Physical Laboratories building
located at 60 St. George St. just north of Russell St. Parking is available onstreet
(free) and on the university campus (free after 9 pm). The CARLTON
506 streetcar runs along College St. and stops at St. George, and the
Queen's Park subway is just a few minutes away.
McLaughlin Planetarium
A Family Stargazing Workshop
Saturdays, May 2 and 9, and Sunday; May 3
11:00 am-12:00 noon
This live workshop in the Star Theatre shows children
and adults how to spot the constellations and planets of
spring and to use a star map. Included with admission.
Sunday, May 3
12:00 noon-4:00 pm
Join amateur astronomers on the Planetarium plaza in
viewing the sun through solar-filtered telescopes Free.
Sunday, May 3
12:00 noon-4:30 pm
Crawl into an inflatable planetarium with your children
and learn aboul the stars with Cathy McWatters as your
guide. Continuous showings in the ROM SE atrium. Free
tickets at the main info desk. Included with admission.
Sunday, May 3
12:30 pm-4:00 pm
Join Terri Ottaway of the ROM's Mineralogy Dept. in the
Astrocentre for a demonstration and hands-on workshop
in meteorite identification. Included with admission.
Sunday, May 3
1 :00 pm-4:30 pm
Make sparkling origami stars in these craft workshops
designed especially for children. Running
continuously in the ROM SE Atrium, free tickets for
individual sessions will be available at the main
information desk. Included with admission.
Monday, May 4
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Learn to identify the stars, constellations and other
celestial bodies in this active one-evening Star
Theatre session. Star maps are provided. Admission.
Tuesday-Friday, May 5-8
2:00 pm
Join a guide in the Astrocentre for a conducted tour
of the gallery and a fascinating introduction to the
universe. Included with admission.
How to get there: The Planetarium is located on
the west side of Queen'sPark (Avenue Road) just
south of Bloor St. There is no parking at the Planetarium
but there are several parking lots in the Bloor
and Avenue Road vicinity and the Museum subway
stop is right at the door.
Two summer public star nights will be held on July 6 and August 4 at both Morningside Park in Scarborough and Humber Bay Park West in
Etobicoke. For more information on these programs, membership or the current schedule of meetings, call the RASC Inlo Line at 777-****.
Catch one of the ongoing star shows: IMPACT! Asteroids, Comets and Cosmic Collisions. until June 21; Stories of the Night Sky,
indefinite run; Searching for Extraterreslrial Life, from June 26 to November 8. Call 586-5736 for more information on show times and prices.
ONTARIO SCIENCE CENTRE Stargazing Evening, August 30
Travel to a conservation area outside the city for an outdoor twilight talk followed by skywatching through telescopes. Call 429-4100 for details.
DAVID DUNLAP OBSERVATORY, University of Toronto, Richmond Hill
Free tours and viewing through the 74" telescope on Saturday nights from April 11 to October 3. Call 884-2112 for reservations.
Free tours and viewing through the 12" and 24" telescopes on every Wednesday night of the year (except April and October). Take photographs of the
moon and planets with your 35mm SLR camera in the popular Shoot the Moon program. Call 736-2100 ext. 77773 for more details.


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