Asteroid (10499) Sarty

Gordon Eric Sarty (b.1960) is an astronomer who has lectured in physics, mathematics, and statistics at the University of Saskatchewan. Gord has been a member of the RASC Saskatoon Centre for at least 35 years. He was an active amateur astronomer, ground his own 43cm mirror and has always participated in outreach programs.

Gord has a PhD in Mathematics (with an Erdos Number of 5) and is in the Department of Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. His connection to psychology stems from work he did at the University Hospital in Saskatoon, imaging brains to improve the performance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. He has worked on building an MRI device to fly on the International Space Station and, eventually, to take to the Moon.

Gord was part of a team to study High Mass X-ray Binary stars, with time on metre-class scopes in Canada and Australia, where he did spectra and contributed to about a dozen scientific papers as principal investigator as part of a professional-amateur collaboration. Gord has also made thousands of variable star estimates.


1986 RN5
Disc. Date: 
Henri Debehogne
Disc. Place: 
La Silla (809)