© Alexander Massey   This sketch is of one of the brightest features on the Moon, the crater Aristarchus. The brilliantly illuminated internal western wall requires time to spy out the many fine details within it, otherwise these features would be washed out. A myriad of riles radiate out from this crater.

Wedged between Aristarchus and the terminator is the crater Herodotus. Its incompletely illuminated eastern wall seems to extend out to form one end of the serpentine valley Vallis Schröteri. This meandering valley sees the highlighted valley wall bounce around from side to side with the change in direction of the meander.

Again I chanced upon very stable conditions to be able to see such fine detail. This is one of my favourite sketches I’ve done.

Please enjoy.

Object: Craters Aristarchus, Herodotus & Vallis Schröteri
Scope: Celestron C5, 5” SCT
Gear: 5mm Hyperion, 250X
Date: 4th Feb. 2012
Location: Sydney, Australia
Media: White pastel, black charcoal & white ink on A5 size black paper
Time: 2hrs


Aristarchus, Herodotus et Vallis Schroteri