Albert Watson

(1859-1926) A doctor who joined the Society in 1892 and served as President (1916-17).

ALBERT DURRANT WATSON (1859-1926) combined a very successful medical practice with many other interests. He was well-known as a poet; in fact he wrote a verse of O Canada which is still used in many churches. Spiritualism, occult phenomena and psychical research also attracted him.

Watson was born at Dixie, near Toronto, and studied at the Toronto Normal School and at Victoria University. In 1885, he married Sarah Clare, a daughter of the original Secretary-Treasurer of the Toronto Astronomical Club. Watson joined the Society in 1892 and became an active member as a speaker and writer. Several poems of his and a number of papers of a historical nature and on calendar reform appeared in the Journal. Watson was on the Council as early as 1902 and was elected Vice-President in 1912. He was RASC President 1916-17.

Peter Broughton (from Looking Up)

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Watson, Albert D.