Lucknow 10 March 1897
Bruce Co. Ontario.
P.O. Box 32.—

Dear Sir,—

I see by a short notice in the "Mail and Empire," that the paper I sent you will form a part of a future discussion. I think I have only told half the story of the extrmee length ofthe Comet's tail, and did not state what I think is the cause of its disappearance in space into nothing. Perhaps it is as well to let the prints at present referred to by me be discussed first, & let any others that need research be left till again. Might I ask you if you read the entire paper I sent, with the second part, and also, if you draw out a synopsis for any one interested in the subject, in your society's membership, that you will do me the favor to send one to myself. I am afraid of no honest and searching criticism and despise sneers and vulgar contempt, as they are of no value, and ungentlemanlike, as well as silly. I offer my theory in good faith, believing it a reality, and I think incontrovertible as far as I can see.

Hoping you will drop me a line on the subject.

Believe me you will oblige no one more than yours very truly,

J. H. Garmin, M.D.
Thos. Lindsay, Esqr.—
Asst. Secy. A & P.S.
Technical School Building.

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