The Quebec Observatory

Quebec, July 20th., 1893.

The President,

Astronomical and Physical Soc'y

Toronto, Ont.

Dear Sir:-

I see by a paragraph in the Globe of 17th instant, that your Society is interested in Auroral observations in connection with Dr. Veeder of Lyons, N.Y. I have taken the liberty of forwarding you certain copies of "Science" in which I have been carrying on a discussion with him over the subject, thinking that it might interest you. My part of this discussion is closed, owing to my utter disgust with of an individual who can so far distort facts as to produce results to fit his theory in the manner he states claims, a fact which I had previously only suspected, but which recently I have had decmontrated by an official in a private letter to me from the Meteorological Office Washington, which I shall quote for your information only, presuing that you can get the same information direct, if you so wish. "the attempt he" (Dr. V.) "has made to prove a solar rotational period of 27¼ days, even "to hours, from records of aurorae in the Signal Office is about as worthless as anything he has done. I know from most careful compilation that this period cannot be had without ignoring giving some of the most important displays and in fact cooking the observed aurorae right through."

I am &c.

[signed] E.D. Ashe

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