THE UNDERSIGNED (referred to hereafter as the "Expedition Member"
or the "Member") acknowledges the following facts:

1.        The Royal  Astronomical  Society  (hereinafter referred to as the
"RASC")  is a non-profit corporation without share capital that consists of
volunteer amateur and professional  astronomers  and that is devoted to the
advancement of astronomy and allied sciences.

2.       The  RASC  has  volunteered  to  organize,  for the benefit of its
members  and  of  members  of  the  general  public,  an  expedition   (the
"Expedition") to observe the total eclipse of the sun (the "Eclipse") on 11
July 1991.

3.       The Eclipse can be seen only within a narrow geographic path  that
crosses  portions  of  the  Hawaiian Islands,  the Pacific Ocean,  the Baja
California peninsula, mainland Mexico, Latin America and South America.

4.       The RASC has decided that the Expedition will  attempt to  observe
the Eclipse from  an observing  site  within  the  Mexican  state   of Baja
California Sur.

5.        The RASC has no ultimate control over numerous logistical aspects
and requirements of the Expedition, including

     (a)  the availability of chartered air transportation from Toronto,
          Ontario, Canada to Baja California,

     (b)  permission from the applicable officials of Mexico,

          (i)  to land the Expedition's chartered aircraft in Mexico,

          (ii) for Expedition Members to enter Mexico,

          (iii)for Expedition Members to be permitted to
               bring into Mexico any personal effects and
               equipment, including telescopes and cameras,

          (iv) to travel within Mexico to a suitable observing
               site, and

          (v)  generally, to observe the Eclipse from within

     (c)  the availability of overnight accommodation within Mexico, and

     (d)  the cost in 1991 of any of the services required by the
          Expedition, including chartered air transportation, hotel
          accommodation, ground transportation and meals.

6.        As a result of the foregoing and other factors, it is possible that
it may be either desirable or necessary for the RASC either  (a)   to modify,
from time to time,  the itinerary and plans for the  Expedition,  or  (b)  to
cancel the Expedition in its entirety.

7.        By reason of future changes in the  type  or  availability  of  air
transportation, hotel accommodation or ground transportation,  or a reduction
in  the  number of  places  available  on  the  Expedition, or for some other
reason,  it may be impossible for the Expedition Member to participate in the
Expedition or to observe the Eclipse.

8.        Observation  of  the  sun,  either  during an Eclipse of the sun or
otherwise,  is  an  extremely  dangerous  activity  that,  if not carried out
properly  and with  appropriate  safety  measures,  can  result in severe eye
damage  or  even blindness.   In spite of that danger,  the Expedition Member
wishes to participate in the Expedition and to observe the Eclipse.

9.       The Expedition Member has not relied,  and in  future will not rely,
in  any  way  that  might  impose  any  legal  liability,  upon  any  advice,
recommendation,  suggestion  or  direction  respecting  the  observing of the

Eclipse that may be given or made by the RASC,  by any of its members,  or by
any other member of the Expedition

10.       Because of  all of the  foregoing,  it is appropriate and fair that
the Expedition Member release generally and absolutely the RASC  and  all  of
its members from any legal liability with respect to the Expedition.


          THE EXPEDITION  MEMBER  therefore  hereby  remises,  releases,  and
forever discharges the RASC all of its  constituent  Centres,  the members of
the RASC's Solar Eclipse Committee and all of the RASC's  members,  officers,
councillors,   employees,   agents,   successors   and  assigns  (hereinafter
collectively  referred  to as the  "Releasees")  from all actions,  causes of
action, claims, liabilities, obligations, covenants and debts of every nature
and  kind  that  may  now  or in  future exist or arise in connection with or
arising out of the Expedition, including

     (a)  in connection with or arising out  of  the  Releasees'  efforts  to
          organize the Expedition and bring  it to a  successful  conclusion,

     (b)  as a result of the future cancellation,  if any,  of the Expedition
          for any reason whatsoever or  any  future  change in  the  plans or
          itinerary for the Expedition,

     (c)  as a result of any future change in the  plans,  itinerary,  or the
          number of places for participants on the Expedition, which may make
          it impossible  for the  Expedition  Member  to  participate  in the
          Expedition or to observe the Eclipse, and

     (d)  as a result of any  physical  or  mental  injury to the  Expedition
          Member  in  connection  with  or  during  the period of time of the
          Expedition, including any impairment of the Member's vision, or any
          blindness or any physical injury to the Member's eyes.

          THE EXPEDITION MEMBER  hereby  acknowledges that he or she  (a) has
read and fully understands all of this Acknowledgement and Release, (b) signs
it freely,  voluntarily and without duress,  and  (c)  either has obtained or
hereby waives  independent legal advice  with respect  to this Acknowledgment
and Release.

          SIGNED under seal on the date here below written.

Date: _______________________      __________________________

                                   Name (please print)

Note:  If Expedition Member is under the age of majority in the  Province or
State of residence, then this Acknowledgment and Release must also be signed
under seal and dated by his or her parent or legal guardian below.

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Age of Expedition Member           Signature of Parent or Legal

                                   Name (please print)

                                   Relationship to Expedition
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