Principle 1 - Accountability

Why we Collect Personal Information

The RASC is responsible for all Personal Information under its control and has designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable to the Executive for the RASC's compliance with this Privacy Policy, and its ten principles, as listed above.

The RASC, collects information from its members and customers to fulfill their expected obligation that the RASC has to them, and to ensure that the correct information is used to aid in the receiving and selling of saleable products and its membership and/or to further the aims of the RASC, which include the promotion and advancement of astronomy and allied sciences.

Who Sees the Data

The following individuals / committees see some or all of the membership and customer data: Executive Secretary , Membership and Publications Coordinator, MPA Computer Consultant, Estore Manager, National Executive, Webmaster, List Manager, Centre's executive (may be some or all of the Centre's Executive), the distributors (Canadian and US) responsible for mailings; and a mail-house (used for promotional mailings to non-members).

Personal and Customer information that is stored on the National Office is securely stored by passwords that are needed to access the MPA (Membership and Publication) database, and Estore Data. However, passwords are not required for data sent to the National Executive or Centres.


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