Observing Programs
Our certificate programs for members cover the whole universe near and far.
Astroimaging Certificate
Learn about the universe as you image it with binoculars or telescope. Categories include wide-field, solar system, and deep sky.
Current and past projects include solar eclipses, the Sirius B Challenge, and the 2012 Transit of Venus.
Star Parties
Our annual list of star parties across Canada.
Variable Stars / Asteroids / Comets
Overviews, observing programs, links and images related to asteroids, comets, and variable stars.
Tutorials, galleries, and contests.
Web links, information on proper use of Green Laser Pointers, and an archive of observers' logbooks.

The RASC offers its members seven observing programs to enhance their enjoyment of amateur astronomy. One of them, the Explore the Universe observing program for beginners, is open to anyone. These programs provide structured exploration of the night sky with the reward of earning a certificate of achievement. Finally, selected resources are provided to help the observer get the most out of an observing experience.

The RASC Observing Programs are supported and managed by the RASC Observing Committee.



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