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Observer's Handbook 1941

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The Handbook for 1941, which is the thirty-third issue, is arranged similarly to that of last year. The chief changes are: (1) The ephemerides of the bright asteroids have been omitted; (2) A list of stars used in air navigation has been added.

The small star maps at the back necessarily contain only a few objects. Four similar maps 9 inches in diameter are obtainable from the Director of University Extension, University of Toronto, for one cent each. Observers desiring fuller information are recommended to obtain Norton’s Star Atlas and Reference Handbook (Gall and Inglis, price 12s 6d; supplied also by Eastern Science Supply Co., Boston, Mass.). The sixth edition contains late information.

For the preparation of the material in the volume Dr. F. S. Hogg, Assistant Editor, is largely responsible; but hearty thanks are due to all the staff of the David Dunlap Observatory for their assistance.

C. A. Chant.
David Dunlap Observatory,
Richmond Hill, Ont., December 1940.

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