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Observer's Handbook 1921

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Edited by C.A. Chant.

Thirteenth Year of Publication.


The Handbook for 1921 follows the same lines as that for 1920. The chief difference is in the omission of the extended table giving the distance, velocities, and other information regarding certain fixed stars; and the substitution of a fuller account of the planets for the year, with maps of their paths.

As in the last issue, the brief descriptions of the constellations and the star maps are not included, since fuller information is available in a better form and at a reasonable price in many publications, such as: Young’s Uranography (price 72c.), Upton’s Star Atlas ($3.00) and McKready’s Beginner's Star Book (about $3.50.)

To those mentioned in the body of the book; to Mr. J. P. Henderson of the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa; and especially to Messrs. J. H. Horning, B.A., and J. A. Pearce, B.A., thanks are due for their assistance.

The Editor.
Toronto, December 1920.

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