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Observer's Handbook 1920

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Edited by C.A. Chant.

Twelfth Year of Publication.


The Handbook for 1920 contains twice the number of pages for the last two years, and it is hoped that it may prove useful to amateurs. Suggestions for improvements will be gladly received. The brief descriptions of the constellations and the star-maps are not included, as fuller information is available in a better form and at a reasonable price in many publications, such as: Young’s Uranography (about 35c.), Upton’s Star Atlas (about $2.50) or McKready’s Beginner's Star Book (about $3). Copies of the Handbook for previous years containing the descriptions and maps mentioned are still on hand and may be obtained free by members by applying to the office of the Society.

To those mentioned in the body of the book; to Mr. J. P. Henderson, M.A., now of the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, formerly assistant in astronomy at the University of Toronto; and to Major J. A. Pearce, thanks are offered for assistance.

The Editor. Toronto, December 1919.

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