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Observer's Handbook 1918

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Edited by C.A. Chant.

Tenth Year of Publication.


In order to lower the expense of publication the Handbook for this year has been reduced to its present size. This reduction has been accomplished by omitting those portions which are not much altered from year to year. They include the following :—

Symbols and abbreviations.
Explanation of Solar and Sidereal Time.
Times of Sunrise and Sunset.
Meteors and Shooting Stars.
Elements and Satellites of the Solar System.
List of Double and Variable Stars.
The Stars, their magnitude, velocity, etc.
Maps and descriptions of the constellations.

These have been given in volumes for the past years and any new member desiring a copy containing them may obtain one by addressing the Librarian, 198 College St., Toronto.

The table for Physical Observations of the sun may be consulted in the British Nautical Almanac or the American Ephemeris. The four star maps inserted are similar to those used in elementary classes at the University of Toronto.

The Editor owes his best thanks to Mr. J. P. Henderson, his assistant in astronomy at the University of Toronto, for relieving him of the preparation of the major part of the volume.

The Editor. Toronto, December, 1917.

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