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National Newsletter

Society News and Information 1970-90

The National Newsletter first appeared in the February 1970 issue of the Journal as a simple stapled add-in that focused on Society news and information. In February 1978 it changed into a physically separate 16-page supplement under Editor Frank Shinn. In 1991, the National Newsletter was transformed into the Bulletin in a more expanded format.

Many members contributed news items, photographs and other materials which make for interesting reading even today. Walter MacDonald (Kingston) has digitized all of the back issues of the National Newsletter. This historical record is available for everyone who would like to learn more about the activities of the Society in the years leading up to its Centenary in 1990.


NNL Back Issues

12 issues selected from 126 available. Click on a thumbnail to see an issue.

NNL 1970-02
1970 Feb
NNL 1970-04
1970 Apr
NNL 1970-06
1970 Jun
1970 Aug
1970 Oct
1970 Dec
1971 Feb
1971 Apr
1971 Jun
1971 Aug
1971 Oct
1971 Dec