Special December 2012 Issue of the Journal

This December, The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will publish “The Environmental Impact of Light-pollution and its Abatement, as a special supplement to its internationally recognized periodical, the Journal.

What are the causes of light pollution? What are the attached health risks? What techniques can we use to reduce these effects? Our report will address these issues, as well as present the new technological, social, and political solutions to help us move towards a future with a more benign use of artificial light at night.

This special issue will be distributed to all RASC members, as well as to a global readership of parks, conservationists, environmentalists, Canadian astronomy clubs, government agencies and the media.

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This project was funded under the Business Innovation – Print Component of the Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF) | Ce projet est financé par le Fonds du Canada pour les périodiques de Patrimoine canadien.


eNews date: 
Wednesday, August 22, 2012